That great universe called Imagination




August, 2014

«I am mad for reading. I’ve been reading books for months until I get the crazy and start building.»

Those words stayed in my head the day I met José Hinojo, a quirky artist who remembers me by his elegance to Cervantes’ Don Quixote, leaving his personal battle against the «giants» to be an inhabitant of one of them, an oil mill recovered from oblivion to become his home, his studio near Prado del Rey, place of his birth in 1958.

At the entrance to welcome a series of huge iron sculptures-like androids seem to protect the site. In the center is the gate that leads to the garden where Tim Burton would not hesitate to shoot one of his enigmatic films.

Inside are scattered his works: large cardboard wall where different human figures are intermingled; wooden sculptures and painted cardboard attached to glass, metal or other materials; oil, acrylic or watercolor and graphite drawings in which the artist’s admiration can be seen by the olive tree.

Zurich, Cologne, Paris, Brussels and Madrid, are some of the big cities where José has exhibited his multifarious works.

Óscar Cárdenas.