Only a dreamer is capable of capturing images that invite us to dream and of transcending what our retinas strive to capture, bending the most deceptive of the senses. Of imprisoning every instant with the patience of a surgeon and the illusion of a child.

Oscar Cárdenas’ documentary photography is grotesque, but human. Violent, but calm, wild, but everyday. Pure «magic realism», as Cortazar would say.

The author of numerous collections, his documentary work echoes the influence of Eastern culture, to which he returns again and again without ever leaving it.

The medina is a paradise of light and adobe. An urban jungle stopped in time, unaware of the bustle of new technologies, where the everyday becomes an adventure and exoticism is diluted until it becomes part of life.

Oscar Cárdenas ventures into the deepest, wildest Morocco in search of a blurred reality, which is not without its fascination. The impossible design of the medina and the picturesque layout of its streets and buildings do the rest, giving it a mysterious and magical air captured in a series of photographs of impossible truth.

Welcome to the medina. Welcome to life.

Benito Olmo, writer.