Document the rich tradition of photography in Spain, not only that of the well-known and admired: M. Navia, C. García Rodero, etc. but also of those who every day bring us their images in local newspapers. It is evident in the images that come out of the look and work by Óscar Cárdenas. In his case, the men and women of the sea and the countryside, regardless of each person’s role, social level, etc.

The value of the beauty in daily life and its impact on each human being brings Oscar’s work closer to an «altarpiece» where the human and the divine embrace each other.


Antonio S. Alarcón (Doctor of Fine Arts)



2014 – Shorty Week. «Village´s people» short film.

2014 – 16th Alcances.»Village´s people» short film.

2015 – Casa de América, Madrid, Spain. Colective exhibition.

2015 – Author space in Lens Culture Magazine.

2016 – «Village´s people» exhibition. Hall of Miguel Mihura theatre, Medina Sidonia, Cádiz, Spain.

2016 – «Village´s people» exhibition. Lonja Vieja, Barbate, Cádiz, Spain.

2018 – «Sons of Poseidón» exhibition. Molino de Mareas El Caño, Restaurante Aponiente, El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz, Spain.

2019 – Interview for the TV programme Metropolis on the cultural and European channel ARTE.



«Caleta». For Colectivo Diafragma.

«Salt Faces». For Port of Cadiz Bay.

«Sons of Poseidón». Craft book limited edition.



Óscar Cárdenas Acuña
Cádiz (Spain), 1979.

Port of Cadiz Bay photographer.
+34 697.677.903