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Óscar Cárdenas Acuña.

Cádiz (Spain), 1979.

+34 697 677 903

+ Rivadavia magazine nº44, winter of 2010. Exhibition interview “A Different Look”. 

+ Diario de Cádiz, July 20, 2013, page 60. Interview about the short documentary “Village´s people I: El Gastor”. 

+ Caleta. Editorial: Del Centro Editores. Madrid 2014. ISBN: 978-84-942696-7-7. Photographs of the Colectivo Diafragma together with a selection of texts by Fernando Quiñones.

+ Cádiz, mundos y miradas. Editorial: Del Centro Editores. Madrid 2014. ISBN: 978-84-942696-8- 4. Postcards of the Diaphragm Collective and introduction of Nieves Vázquez Recio. 

+ Reporting publication “That great universe called Imagination” in Lens Culture, prestigious online contemporary photography magazine. Year 2015. 

+ Publication of photography in nº11 of the digital magazine Cromomagazine, from Escuela de Color. June 2015.

+ Online gallery «Arte en la red» in Casa de América. Selection of photographs «Village´s people». July 2015. Selected for collective exhibition in Madrid.

+ Publication of article “Village´s people” in the newspaper Gente de la Sierra nº 24, October 2015, page 29. 

+ Rostros de sal. Book with 90 portraits of workers of the Port of Cadiz Bay in their different tasks. Publication of the Port of Cadiz Bay. Legal deposit: CA 284-2016. 

+ Hijos de Poseidón. Craft book limited edition. 2018.

+ Diario de Cádiz, March 20, 2018, page 26. Interview about the exhibition at the Aponiente Restaurant of the work “Sons of Poseidon”. 

+ Interview for the Metropolis program of the Franco-German channel ARTE about the work “Sons of Poseidon”. February 2019.