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Óscar Cárdenas Acuña. Cádiz (Spain), 1979.

Cadiz Bay Port Authority photographer.

Phone: +34 697 677 903

«In the projects I do, my interest in human beings and their ways of facing life is evident. I try to live with them to get to know their stories, which also enriches me.

My choice for black and white is because, besides being the characteristic style of classic documentary photography, it is ideal for this type of work and makes it timeless.

In the faces, which are the visible part of their lives, the textures of the skin are better marked and it offers a certain drama. In addition to the luminosity that white offers, I love how mysterious black can be.

I tend to take photographs in places where people feel comfortable, locating points of light that I can use in the scene.

In the case of the project «Sons of Poseidon» I had to embark on several occasions to see the hard work of purse seine fishing at dawn. My intention is to show the drama they live, the social reality of these fishermen who are fewer and fewer and who have «the sea» as a symbol of their existence.»

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