There is a photography that goes beyond art and craft. It transgresses the limits of reason and forces the viewer to be part of it, to establish a dialogue that completes it and gives it meaning.

Oscar Cárdenas puts the eyes of a dreamer in search of the defect in the everyday, of the imperfections of reality. Then he aims and shoots. The result is a scathing, violent image of pure realism. Curious at first glance and fascinating at second glance. Scenes that the human eye often overlooks, irrelevant of pure everyday life, but which it uses to achieve a combination of strength and naturalness that makes them unique.

The fatigue in the wrinkles of a face, an artist’s workshop or an unsuccessful fishing day are some of the elements that acquire special relevance in Oscar Cárdenas’ documentary work, united under the same premise: «We all have a story to tell». I invite you to immerse yourself in this selection of stories, of snippets of reality, and to let yourself be carried away by the sensations that the «People of the People» selection will awaken in you.


Benito Olmo, writer.